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Engineering Expertise
and Superior Craftsmanship

Hamilton has developed a complete line of standard steam jacketed kettles, mix cookers and custom-fabricated cooking vessels designed to serve virtually every need in the broad variety of process industries that require highly sanitary equipment ... particularly in the food, meat, dairy, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and chemical industries.

Hamilton's standard products, kettles and mix cookers, are available in a range of capacities from 15 to 2,000 gallons. These pre-engineered products are assembled from a large stock of standard components. Hamilton also custom-crafts units of any size and other highly-specialized products to meet precise processing requirements ... one-of-a-kind or in large quantities.

All these products are fabricated of the highest quality materials and components. They're finished carefully inside and out for ease of cleaning and maximum heat transfer. Additionally, each unit is designed with optimum diameter for a given capacity to provide the greatest surface area for faster cooking or cooling. see  our brochure



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